Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered about the importance of language and vocabulary in children? Does reading to our kids really make that much of a difference when it comes to enhancing their communication skills? Is there way too much emphasis placed on early reading? How does reading to my child from the moment they are born …

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Into the Woods: Linking Nature and Academia

Children in a forest

Can you picture a world without trees? Devoid of anything green and earthy? A childhood without the great outdoors? Although the benefits of spending time outside may seem naturally intuitive to many parents and teachers, there is an alarmingly noticeable shift from the “outside” world towards the “inside” world. Why is that? Is it really …

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How to Ease Preschool Separation Anxiety and Morning Drop-Offs

Parent and Child

Dropping off your little one at preschool can be one overwhelming roller-coaster ride chalk full of tears, anxiety, and heartache. And I’m not just referring to how the kids feel! Morning drop-offs can be downright hellish for some families whose toddlers experience preschool separation anxiety. Often, we picture the first few days of school as …

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