The Importance of Sensory Play in a Tech-Driven World

Children & Tech

What exactly is ‘sensory play’ you may ask? Though it might sound odd to you, sensory play is, simply put, a hands-on activity that encourages children to use their senses.  How can playing with a bunch of stuff in some bin actually help our kids develop? Well, sensory bin play time stimulates a child’s senses: …

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How to Calm an Angry Child

Bullying Girl

It can be quite difficult to express our emotions, even as adults. But, as a young child, with limited vocabulary and trouble figuring out exactly how they feel, dealing with emotions can be just plain overwhelming. Anger is a particularly tricky feeling to verbalize, and tiny tots sometimes have no clue whatsoever how to handle …

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Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered about the importance of language and vocabulary in children? Does reading to our kids really make that much of a difference when it comes to enhancing their communication skills? Is there way too much emphasis placed on early reading? How does reading to my child from the moment they are born …

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