How to Address Challenging Preschool Behavior

Child having a tantrum

Figuring out how to deal with challenging behavior in preschool-aged children can certainly be a daunting task for any parent, caregiver or educator. The preschool years can be, more often than not, a tough time to get through (for both children and adults), chalk full of tantrums, troublesome habits, anxiety, and fibbing. Truthfully… that’s merely …

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The Importance of Sensory Play in a Tech-Driven World

Children & Tech

What exactly is ‘sensory play’ you may ask? Though it might sound odd to you, sensory play is, simply put, a hands-on activity that encourages children to use their senses.  How can playing with a bunch of stuff in some bin actually help our kids develop? Well, sensory bin play time stimulates a child’s senses: …

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How to Calm an Angry Child

Bullying Girl

It can be quite difficult to express our emotions, even as adults. But, as a young child, with limited vocabulary and trouble figuring out exactly how they feel, dealing with emotions can be just plain overwhelming. Anger is a particularly tricky feeling to verbalize, and tiny tots sometimes have no clue whatsoever how to handle …

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