Attitudes: Moving from Positive to Negative

Mother & Daughter

We all have inner voices. You know, that non-stop loud-talker that sometimes dominates the private conversations we have with ourselves. Unfortunately, neuroscientists have actually discovered that these often too critical voices are, naturally, more negative than positive in tone. Sadly, a child’s inner voice(s) can be particularly negative, even more so than adults, since it …

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Teaching Kindness to Preschool Kids

Can we teach kindness to kids in preschool? Is it possible to impart the concepts of compassion and empathy to children as young as two and three? Along with academics, it’s essential that kids learn social and emotional intelligence, just like any other critical skills they will need to thrive in life. Hold On! What …

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How to Help Preschoolers with their Writing Skills

How does a parent assess a young preschooler’s learning development? Undoubtedly, countless moms and dads out there are constantly wondering if their little one is on par with their classmates when it comes to, for example, age-appropriate writing skills? Should they worry if their kids aren’t coloring within the lines? Should they panic if their …

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