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5 Activities to Help Preschoolers Spell their Names

For many preschoolers, there’s nothing quite as amazing as learning how to write their name. Teachers may notice some early preschool learners that are already familiar with letters, writing, and what their name looks like written down. The next step for the class as a whole would be to learn how to identify the letters in their name and how to spell them out.

Here are five awesome activities that preschool teachers may enjoy trying with their students:

1) Learning Names with Necklaces

Preschoolers will enjoy being able to design and create their own name necklaces as they start to get comfortable with the letters of the alphabet. Teachers can provide their kids with different colored string, yarn, shoelaces, or cord that has already been pre-cut for this activity. Use these colorful ties to help them string together the letters of their name, forming a name necklace. This is a wonderful way to help preschoolers learn how to spell their name and to develop fine motor coordination, color recognition, and sequencing skills.

2) Learning Names with Stamps

Kids will be delighted about working with alphabet stamps, because, really, what kid isn’t?! Using stamps helps to reinforce their letter recognition and to become more familiar with how to spell their name. To spice things up, teachers can use various alphabet text stamps, as well as different colored ink and paper. Teachers can write out the child’s name on their chosen paper in large letters. Then, preschoolers can copy the letters in the name (in order) with the stamps.

3) Learning Names with Puzzles

This is a fun and simple way to show preschoolers their name so they can familiarize themselves with its spelling. Teachers write out the name in large letters in a thick text, as with a wide marker, on a piece of cardboard paper. Then, teachers would cut out the letters. Children will love piecing their mini name puzzle back together, all the while learning the correct spelling and letter sequence of their name.

4) Learning Names with Strips

Preschoolers enjoy playing matching games. This is particularly true when it ends up being a personalized matching game with their name on it. Begin by creating sentence strips with each child’s name written on them. Then, teachers help their kids play the name matching game by using ready-made alphabet stickers. The children would need to search for, find, and affix the corresponding letter sticker onto the matching sentence strip letter.

5) Learning Names with Fingers

Did you know that finger puppets can make learning even more fun? Children can use alphabet finger puppets to practice spelling out their name. All they have to do is place each finger puppet letter of their name on their fingers in order. They’ll have a great time all while being engaged in the process of letter recognition, pronunciation, spelling, and possibly even a little bit of dramatic play involving their hands.


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