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5 Back to (Pre)School Tips For Parents

Getting ready for Back To (Pre)School time can be overwhelming – for children, educators, and for parents, too! But don’t fret, CubbySpot’s got these five great tips that will help make your preschooler’s transition into school much, much smoother.

1) Start a School Routine ASAP

Inevitably, we tend to slip into a late schedule over the summertime, going to bed at a later time and sleeping in ’til the cows come home. It’s important to establish a school routine as soon as possible. Luckily, children readily adopt routines, often thriving on them.

Try to get your preschooler(s) up and at’em in the morning at a regular preschool-friendly time every day. Of course, this also means getting your little one to sleep at a set time as well. Ideally, you’ll be setting this routine at least a couple of weeks before preschool starts. Regular morning and evening routines help their little bodies get accustomed to preschool hours.

2) Read Books About School And Then Talk About It

Use this opportunity to have fun and bond with your preschooler as they learn about all of the amazing things they’re going to do in class. There are tons of books you can purchase, or borrow from the library, about getting ready for this huge adventure. Or, you can even create books about going to preschool at home with your child.

Most assuredly, this will all initiate a discussion, so listen to your preschooler’s questions and concerns. Remind them of all the new friends they will make and the endless fun they will have.

3) Bring Your Preschooler in to See Their New Classroom and Teacher

Parents, this is something you will not want to overlook. Perhaps your child will not be new to this preschool, but a new year often means a new teacher and a new classroom… and that’s plenty to be anxious about! If there’s an orientation day or a Meet The Teachers Night, bring your preschooler in to visit.  Should there be a scheduling conflict, ask a family member or grandparent to take them. In doing so, your preschooler will start the year off with less anxiety and a lot more self-confidence.

4) Going Back-To-(Pre)School Means Dealing With Conflicting Emotions

Back to School time, more often than not, means dealing with separation anxiety. Trust me, it’s not just the kids dealing with separation, it’s the parents too! Parents, this is 100% normal. Luckily, this list of tips will help ease the transition and anxiety.  Parents may want to think about reading about separation anxiety and possible solutions to reduce the stress that comes with it.

5) Remember to Have Some Family Fun

These tips will certainly help you start preschool off on the right foot, but one thing’s for sure, having family fun time is something that will minimize all forms of preschool panic. Religiously maintain your family fun time, be it weekly or monthly times that are set aside. This also goes for your typical nightly sleep rituals as this routine is something that helps kids relax. Reading books together, sharing supper together, going to the park together for a picnic— these are all wonderful ways to connect with your growing preschooler.