5 Back to (Pre)School Tips For Parents

Getting ready for Back To (Pre)School time can be overwhelming – for children, educators, and for parents, too! But don’t fret, CubbySpot’s got these five great tips that will help make your preschooler’s transition into school much, much smoother. 1) Start a School Routine ASAP Inevitably, we tend to slip into a late schedule over …

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5 Activities to Help Preschoolers Spell their Names

For many preschoolers, there’s nothing quite as amazing as learning how to write their name. Teachers may notice some early preschool learners that are already familiar with letters, writing, and what their name looks like written down. The next step for the class as a whole would be to learn how to identify the letters …

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Gettin’ Messy! Messy Play in a Preschool Environment

Creativity in Children

Why is “messy play” such an integral part of early childhood education? Aside from offering children ample opportunities for learning, it fosters personal, intellectual, communication and language development, and, in a preschool setting, is a wonderful chance to encourage social and physical growth. Communication and Language Development While enjoying messy play time, children will have …

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