Top 7 Toronto Toddler-Friendly Summertime Adventures

Toronto Island

Not sure what to do this summer with your toddler? Well, here’s a sure-to-please list of toddler-approved Toronto summertime adventures. Beautiful Toronto Beaches Did you know that Toronto beaches are considered some of the best in ALL of Canada? So, why not take advantage of these great local sandy spots, including 11 designated Blue Flag …

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Top Three Tips for Travelling with Toddlers (and their Tantrums!)


Ahhh! Vacation time! We look forward to it. Dream of it. Plan it to a tee. But how exactly can you plan ahead for toddler tantrum theatrics? By preparing for the virtually un-prepare-able with these common toddler traveling fiasco solutions: Toddler Tantrum Situation #1: Up, Up and Away! You’re at the airport preparing to board …

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Six Creative Ways to Motivate ECEs

Early Childhood Educator

Where would we be without our hardworking childcare providers? In trouble. Big, HUGE trouble! Early childhood educators make things run smoother in an already topsy-turvy toddler-led world. Yet, even though they play such a major role in children’s daily lives, they often feel underappreciated. So, how can we show teachers how important they are? Well, …

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