How to Deal with Your Preschooler’s Aggressive Behavior

Picture of an Angry CHild

Managing aggressive behavior in children has always been a concern for both parents and educators. All kids are different, as caregivers very well know. Some kids are naturally social, make friends easily, and get along with almost every child they meet. Others are more apprehensive, needing additional time, support or encouragement to be able to …

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6 Tips for New Preschool Teachers


So. You want to mold little minds and teach eager tots. In fact, you find interacting with kids to be so inspiring that you’ve decided to be (drumroll, please)… A PRESCHOOL TEACHER! It takes a vast amount of patience, a plethora of creativity, and an ocean of love to boldly tread along this wonderful path. …

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Top 3 Preschool Teacher Secrets

Preschool Teacher

If there’s one thing preschool teachers are experts on it is most certainly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how to “help” kids behave. Think about all those times you struggled with your 3-year old to put their shoes on, or how you regularly wrestle them into their jacket… Every. Single. Morning. So, how in …

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