Stress-free Ways to Challenge a Teacher’s Methods

Teacher and children in a daycare

Some parents question each and every detail of their child’s preschool education. Others stand back and accept a teacher’s methods, without so much as a peep. So, where do YOU stand in this scenario? In truth, this isn’t an easy question to answer. I’m not one to step on a teacher’s toes, always assuming instead …

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The Benefits of Music in Toddler Development

Children in Daycare

There’s something about music that moves us, regardless of our age or gender, often in ways we don’t quite realize. It’s no secret that it has the ability to influence us deeply, affecting our brain activity, stimulating us on a chemical level. Music, as all art, is an expression of emotion, and emotion, as we …

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The Importance of Outdoor Play in Children

children outdoors

The cleverly entitled article “Our Children Spend Half as Much Time Playing Outside as We Did in the 80s” over on caught my attention as I researched the topic of the importance of outdoor play for children. As a parent, and wild child of the 80s myself, I couldn’t agree more.  In truth, its …

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